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Stress comes in many forms. From high-stress jobs, difficult relationships or concerns about money, to other stresses on our bodies like poor diets, pollution in our environment or sitting at a desk all day, the list is endless.

Everyone’s experience of stress is unique. Stress builds up in your body as layers of tension, often over years or decades. Your brain and nervous system can get stuck in a defensive ‘stress mode’, constantly on alert. You become less physically flexible, more achy, prone to injuries and less able to breathe deeply. You crave fat, sugar, too much food or get caught in other addictive behaviours.

Your thoughts race and you find it difficult to switch off, relax and sleep. Dealing with current and future challenges gets harder. You can end up feeling wound up or overwhelmed or numb or depleted, or at worst anxious or depressed.

At Lifewise we use a very powerful technique called Network Care which is designed to bring your body and mind out of this stress mode. We release the stress and tension from your body so you’re better able to meet life’s challenges, thrive under pressure, and then let go easily. You’re calmer, centred, more productive, relate better to others, and enjoy what’s important in your life.

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