Welcome to Lifewise. I’m Dr Ben Whittall, a different kind of Chiropractor. At Lifewise we use a very gentle style of Chiropractic known as Network Care that works without the use of manipulation or “cracking”. Instead it switches on your body’s powerful self-releasing mechanisms so you're freer, work at your best and feel great.

Gentle & Effective Chiropractic

We help with the physical problems people usually see a Chiropractor for, like Neck Pain, Back Pain, Headaches, Tension and Poor Posture. Network Care is also a unique and effective way of helping with stress.

Network Care has been shown to significantly improve wellbeing. Lifewise clients commonly report feeling more physically flexible, mentally sharp, balanced, productive, self-confident, happy and relaxed.

Lifewise is located in the beautiful South East corner of Adelaide CBD.

Whatever your goals, from tension, pain and symptom relief, to wellness and lifestyle benefits, we can help and support you. Anyone feeling the effects of life’s many stresses or wanting to reach their highest potential can benefit.

It takes just one visit to know how we can help.

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