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Retrospective Study of Network Care

A worldwide study of 2,818 patients receiving Network Care, demonstrated that Network Care is associated with profound and statistically significant improvement in self-reported wellness areas. Significant changes were reported in the following areas:

Physical Well Being Improvements

  • reduced pain
  • improved spinal flexibility
  • more energy less fatigue
  • fewer headaches


Stress Improvements

  • greater overall health and general well-being
  • improved ability to cope with daily problems
  • improved family relationships
  • improved significant relationships
  • reduction in work stress


Life Enjoyment Improvements

  • openness to guidance by inner feelings
  • increased relaxation and well-being
  • increased positive feelings about self
  • increased interest in maintaining a healthy lifestyle
  • increased feeling of openness when relating to others
  • greater compassion for others

Emotional & Psychological Wellbeing Improvements

  • less distress about physical pain
  • more positive feelings about self
  • decreased moodiness
  • improved temper
  • fewer angry outbursts
  • less depression and more interest in life
  • fewer concerns about ‘small’ things
  • improved ability to concentrate
  • less anxiety


Overall Quality of Life Improvements

  • personal life self-awareness
  • increased ability to adapt to change
  • better handling of ‘problems’ in life
  • greater satisfaction with accomplishments in life
  • improved overall contentment with life
  • enhanced job satisfaction
  • greater satisfaction with romantic life
  • increased satisfaction with actual work done
  • improved relationship with co-workers
  • greater satisfaction with physical appearance

This research also found that Network Care doubles the benefits of other healthy lifestyle practices (eg yoga, exercise, meditation, etc) and leads to a greater ability to make healthy lifestyle choices.

Reference: A Retrospective Assessment of Network Care Using a Survey of Self-Rated Health, Wellness and Quality of Life. Blanks, Robert H., Schuster, Tonya L., Dobson, Marnie, Journal of Vertebral Subluxation Research, Vol. 1:4, 1997 pp15-31.

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