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Physical Symptoms

Poor Posture


Poor posture puts a big physical stress on our bodies, causing extra strain and wear and tear.

Major traumas or injuries can create distortions and frozen protective postures. Or poor habits can form from lots of minor, repetitive stresses, like working on a PC for long periods, slouching when studying, pushing through fatigue, bad lifting techniques, or just sitting in cars or couches. Even mental and emotional attitudes, habits and patterns show up in your posture.

You lose the natural spinal curves and muscle tone, tendons and ligaments shorten, and deconditioning and degeneration results. Then it’s much harder to have a naturally easy posture.

At Lifewise, we use a powerful gentle method known as Network Care to teach your brain to let go of stored tension, release distortions, and realign your back, neck, hips and shoulders. Your body is naturally straighter. You become more aware of how you hold yourself.

People often notice their posture change after one visit. As the body learns to let go of tension more permanently, you’ll find your posture starts to maintain itself better, and for longer.

It’s natural to be upright. A “good” posture actually uses less muscle energy than slumping. It actively prevents physical stress on all the tissues of the body. You move and feel better.

It takes just one visit to know how we can help

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