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Gentle Chiropractic

Network Care Adelaide

Network Care (aka Network Spinal Analysis or NSA) is the gentlest form of Chiropractic. It teaches your body how to self-correct and to integrate and release tensions on its own.

Your body reflects your life. Whenever you experience a challenge or stress tension is created, particularly around your spine. Our modern lives are full of many different stresses, like sitting at desks all day, accidents, eating junk-food and “high-stress” jobs or relationships. Your body and brain can get stuck in a defensive “stress mode”, building layers of tension. You wear your life tensions as tight and restricted postures in your body.

The long-term effects of this stress-response challenge your ability to lead a full and productive life, robbing you of vitality. Pain and other symptoms result when the accumulated stress and tension becomes overwhelming.

Network practitioners use very gentle, precise touches to areas of your spine where the tension patterns anchor in. These touches send powerful signals to your brain to unwind areas of stored tension, charge and stress from the inside-out.

During adjustments you will find yourself naturally wanting to move and breathe differently as your body learns to let go of stress and tension more effectively.  Your body and mind are brought into balance and relaxation. Its powerful self- healing abilities are activated, triggering an enormous amount of change.

Because it is so gentle, Network Care is also suitable for infants, children, pregnant women, older people and those suffering from trauma and chronic conditions.

The best way to find out more and whether we can help is to make an appointment at Lifewise. Call us on 08 8232 9515 or book an appointment to arrange your Initial Consultation.

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